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21 Best Email Marketing Tools: You Can’t Miss These

Best email marketing tools

Email marketing is an effective technique that gives companies the chance to connect with their target market and advertise to them directly from their inboxes. Email marketing has become increasingly important to every successful marketing strategy with the rise of digital marketing. Using the proper tools to efficiently build, deliver, and track your email campaigns is crucial if you want to get the most out of your email marketing efforts.

We’ll look at some of the top email marketing tools on the market in this post and how they can help your company. These tools can assist you in streamlining your email marketing campaigns and improving your outcomes, whether you are a small business owner or a marketing expert.

Best Email Marketing Tools

1. MailChimp

MailChimp is a platform for email and marketing automation for expanding enterprises. With cutting-edge marketing technologies, distinguished customer service, and motivational content, they enable millions of customers worldwide to launch and expand their businesses. With the help of Mailchimp, you can locate and engage customers across email, social media, landing pages, and advertising—automatically and with the help of AI. Mailchimp places data-backed suggestions at the center of your marketing. Intuit purchased Mailchimp in 2021.

2. Easysendy

With EasySendy, you can start a variety of campaigns to interact with your subscribers, including drip email campaigns and social campaigns for all the main social media sites, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and emails.

With the help of the email marketing tool EasySendy Pro, you can split-test email deliveries among relay servers, review reports, and monitor email opens and clicks for each campaign. Additionally, it features an intelligent autoresponder and sophisticated email list segmentation depending on subscriber responses to email campaigns. This makes it easier to conduct highly targeted email campaigns using MailGun, Aritic Mail, and Amazon SES.

Web Pop Forms for website email capture, custom subscriber pages, email template editors, drip email automation campaign builders, custom fields, tracking domain setup, auto bounce, and complaint handling setup, subscriber segmentation filtering, RSS/JSON feed emails, API, Google Analytics and WordPress integration, and Zapier integration are all features of the advanced version of EasySendy Pro.

3. Omnisend

In 2014, Soundest, an email marketing platform, was the precursor to Omnisend. We made it a point to put e-commerce marketers at the forefront of every choice we made from the very beginning. At the time, it meant giving them access to straightforward but effective email marketing tools.

By sending individualized messages to the appropriate recipients at the appropriate times through the appropriate channels, Omnisend’s goal is to assist e-commerce enterprises in making their marketing relevant. This translates for consumers into personalized marketing and a distinctive online buying experience. And the ability for marketers to cut through the clutter of advertising and achieve better than-ever outcomes.

4. AWeber

The next platform is AWeber, which supports you throughout the entire email marketing process, from acquiring new subscribers and building lists to sending out actual emails. It also integrates with programs like WordPress, Facebook, and Shopify, making it simple to import contacts and introduce new features all the time.

AWeber is pumped to help small businesses and entrepreneurs chase their dreams. They love building awesome products that help their customers create deeper relationships with their audiences while growing their businesses.

5. Drip

Drip collects and organizes customer data before empowering online merchants to use it to create tailored, multichannel customer journeys at scale.

They are giving independent firms a chance to compete rather than being snuffed out by offering any online shop the same (and greater) personalization and automation capabilities as the largest marketplaces.

Any e-commerce brand should, in the opinion of Drip, have the resources necessary to communicate with customers and compete online. Finally, niche companies can establish sincere, meaningful connections with their clients in order to create long-lasting alliances. It gives any online store a corner store feel to entice customers to return time and time again. Drip is assisting any seller in gaining loyalty and competing, whether it be through genuine personalization, prompt communication, customized offers, or just giving a damn.

6. Albacross

With the help of Albacross, a potent B2B lead generation platform, businesses can track and identify the firms that are visiting their websites and gather more information about the unidentified ones, such as their size, industry, location, and contact information.

You may export your targeted leads to your CRM system and/or email outreach tool thanks to the easy interaction with Zapier. You may design email marketing campaigns with improved audience segmentation and higher open rates if you have access to this data.

7. ActiveCampaign

The platform for email marketing automation, ActiveCampaign, is the last option. You can segment your automated messages with drag-and-drop controls and add personalization for a stronger appeal to specific individuals.

This platform also includes tools to increase your productivity, such as autoresponders and automated workflows.

8. NotifyVisitors

Users of the email marketing tool NotifyVisitors may categorize people, set up email campaigns automatically, and personalize email templates. The intuitive design makes it simple to comprehend how email campaigns function and to start sending emails that are specific to each goal right away.

Additionally, NotifyVisitors has complete reporting features built in, allowing email marketers who want to manage their email campaigns around-the-clock to do so. This way, you can monitor your progress over time.

9. Sendinblue

A comprehensive marketing tool, Sendinblue includes features like Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, SMS, Chat, CRM, Landing Pages, Shared Inbox, and more.

With the forever-free plan, you can send up to 300 emails daily and save an unlimited number of contacts; if you want to send more, you can pay according to the number of emails you send each month. Also, you may cover the entirety of your marketing funnel in one location.

10. Infusionsoft by Keap

Infusionsoft, a Keap product is an email automation programme with a focus on marketing automation.. It interacts with your CRM platform so you can maintain a perfect balance between your marketing and sales efforts.

If you’re interested in long-term lead nurturing campaigns, this product is fantastic because it keeps your strategy as hands-free as possible.

11. ConvertKit

If an email newsletter doesn’t increase clicks or conversions, what good is it? ConvertKit is an email marketing tool created to boost your financial performance.

You can use it to create opt-in forms for your readers, automate your email newsletter campaigns, and keep track of the email analytics that are most important to you on a dashboard. The go-to marketing centre for creators, ConvertKit makes it simple to expand and monetize your following.

12. SendX

For email marketers, SendX offers a wide range of capabilities, including the ability to construct an email list from scratch and the ability to create landing pages and opt-in forms to increase conversions and subscriber counts, respectively.

Also, several automation tools are pre-installed, allowing you to deliver the appropriate messages to the appropriate recipients at the appropriate times.

13. GetResponse

When dealing with a huge audience, it might be difficult to import and manage subscriber data; however, GetResponse is the ideal option. Additionally, you can use it to create new emails, schedule specific messages to be delivered in a certain order, and look at campaign-wide data.

GetResponse gives companies the tools they need to accomplish what they do better since the solutions are designed with customers whose requirements are just as varied and complex as our own.

14. ReachMail

ReachMail is an email marketing platform with limitless storage that also allows you access to features like welcome messages, automatic drip campaigns, and registration confirmations. In order to continuously develop, you’ll also receive thorough information on metrics like open rates, click through rates, and bounces.

Organizations of all types can use ReachMail to communicate with audiences via email. ReachMail Email Marketing Services were created with a range of consumers in mind, but with unique solutions to meet their individual needs.

15. Sender

Check out Sender if you’re searching for a very economical all-in-one marketing platform that allows you to easily manage both email and SMS campaigns from a single straightforward interface.

Every plan offers access to a large library of ready-to-send popups, embeddable forms, and email newsletters in addition to generous access to all Premium capabilities, such as segmentation and automation workflows.

Given the importance of their own infrastructure, IP management, and rigorous no-spam policies at the backend, Sender is one of the few email marketing platforms that claims a significant focus on inbox delivery.

16. Constant Contact

One of the most capable email marketing platforms accessible right now is Constant Contact. With it, you can construct the ideal email newsletter using a tonne of email templates and benefit from features tailored to your sector (including promotional ideas).

Also, you’ll receive help in the form of user-based discussion forums and live chat, allowing you to receive immediate feedback on your concepts and/or technical support.

17. SendPulse

A kind of marketing automation behemoth, SendPulse. In addition to the essential marketing email capabilities, SendPulse supports the automation of SMS, Web Push, and chatbot campaigns on messaging platforms.

With SendPulse, even on a free plan, you can build unique subscription forms, make email templates, do A/B tests, segment your subscriber base, and much more.

18. Moosend

A platform for marketing automation and email marketing all in one, Moosend has easy-to-use features and a steep learning curve.

In addition to its essential email marketing capabilities and user-friendly drag-and-drop email editor, you can make educated decisions by analysing your stats, creating subscription forms, and using automation recipes.


You may send an infinite number of emails to all of your contacts with, an easy-to-use and intuitive email marketing solution. To make your email marketing activities more efficient, you can build up automatic email sequences.

For companies on a tight budget, the tool’s extensive free plan makes it a fantastic choice.

20. MotionMail

Compared to the other applications and tools on this list, MotionMail is a more specialised tool that lets you include countdown timers in your emails.

Timers give readers a sense of urgency and make them more likely to take action. They’re also a fantastic technique to create tension before a reveal or announcement.

21. Mailmodo

With the help of Mailmodo, users can develop and send interactive emails that resemble mobile apps, increasing email conversion rates. This prevents user redirections for a smoother email experience and improved conversion rates because all interactions take place inside the email.

Together with a large selection of AMP Email templates for all common use cases, it offers users a drag-and-drop email editor that does not require any programming knowledge.

Final Say

Email marketing tools provide businesses with a range of features that enable them to create and execute successful email marketing campaigns. From designing visually appealing emails to segmenting your audience and tracking your campaign’s performance, these tools offer a range of benefits that can help you achieve your marketing goals. 

By investing in the right email marketing tools, you can not only save time and effort but also improve your email open and click-through rates, ultimately driving more conversions and revenue for your business. So, if you haven’t already, consider using one of the email marketing tools mentioned in this article and take your email marketing efforts to the next level.

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