Email Signature Designing Services

Email Signature Designing Services

 Enhance your email communications with a professionally designed email signature. Contact us to create a customized email signature that showcases your brand’s professionalism and leaves a lasting impression.

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The importance of a first impression is undeniable, but what about last impressions? Below, we show you the best email signature designs for your inspiration.

If you conduct business via email, the email signature you provide can be one of the final points of contact between your service and your customer.

An effective email signature contains your name, the company you work for, and your contact information. But remember that you don’t have to settle for a boring email signature design – here are some tips for eye-catching ones:

01. Too much info- A complete No No!

A common mistake people make with email signatures is to include too much information, which makes the signature appear bulky and long. This will discourage most people from looking at it, let alone reading it or clicking on your links.

Rather than including a phone number or links to social media profiles, try to keep your signature short and tailored to your brand. Do you avoid conducting business over the phone? Maybe nix the phone number from your signature? Are you very active on Twitter and Facebook? Consider including a link to those profiles instead!

Check out this simple and minimal email signature example. This design is kept short and simple by including only the most important pieces of information for the brand – the logo, email author’s name, job title, phone number and Skype username.

simple email signature

02. Simple Color Palette

A commonly referenced technique for creating a color palette is “less is more”, or more specifically, “try to only use 23 colors”. This tip is especially true for your email signature design.

When you use too many colors, your designs can become distracting and unappealing. By limiting your palette and being intentional about what colors you use and when you use them, you can keep your design effective and looking good.

A good technique for selecting your color palette is to sample from any graphics that you are including, such as your brand logo.

Check out the example below:

2 color email signature

03. Simple Font Palette

We’ve established that you should keep your color palette small, but what about your font palette? You guessed it – keep that one small too. The same principle applies to fonts as it does to colors: using too many can quickly overwhelm your signature and make it difficult and distracting to read.

Another reason for people’s overuse of fonts is that they want to highlight certain titles and pieces of information, so they simply introduce a new font into the mix. A simple solution to this problem is to instead use a more flexible typeface.

Find a font with a range of weights and styles, such as Raleway. Mix up the size, weight, or color of the type when needed, rather than using a new font entirely. Finding these useful fonts is no hard task.

Email signature simple font

04. Use hierarchy

For any design that uses type to communicate important information, a strong hierarchy is necessary. Your email signature includes important information, so a strong hierarchy is particularly important there.

When designing your signature, use color, font size and weight to visually signal to your email recipients which elements of your signature they should read first. Perhaps it’s the email author’s name, or perhaps the brand/company name. Either way, be sure to put this key piece of type in the top hierarchical position. View an example below:

Email Signature heirarchy

05. Simple Graphic Elements

When designing an email signature, try to limit yourself to 1-2 graphics. Placing too many graphics in one email signature can overcomplicate your design and make it more like a collage than a sign-off.

A great way to represent your brand in email communications is to include a signature with your logo. This will help people know who sent the email and create greater recognition of your brand.

One of the most common graphic elements used in email signatures is a headshot of the author. Putting a face to a name makes it easier for recipients to connect with you and trust what you say – just be sure to use a well-lit, well-shot image that’s professional in appearance.

Email Signature Simple elements

06. Social Media Icons

Make it easy for people to stay up-to-date on your latest content by including hyperlinked social media icons in your email signature. Including links to your social media pages not only drives traffic to your online content, but it also helps recipients find new avenues of contacting and following you.

If you’re interested in including links to your social media profiles, consider using icons rather than hyperlinks or URLs. Why? According to Neomam Studios, it only takes the human mind 150ms (microseconds) to process a symbol, and 100ms to attach meaning to it. That’s fast! Plus, icons save a lot of space and help you avoid clunky URLs.

Email Signature with social media icons

Create your email signatures with us!

An email signature is a small but important part of building your business, brand, and professional identity. It can provide recipients with valuable information and links as well as showcase your brand visually.

We make sure your type is legible, your colors are beautiful, and your graphics are scalable so that you’ll be able to leave a lasting impression on your contacts. Contact us now.

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