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Content Writing

What is content writing?

Writing and publishing content in a digital format on blogs, video or podcast scripts, eBooks or whitepapers, press releases, product category descriptions, landing pages for websites or social media channels is known as content writing. Content writers are the storytellers for their brands, writing meaningful, helpful and insightful messages to inspire and move audiences to take action — that action being a final sale.

Content creation is a cornerstone of most businesses’ marketing strategies, with 70% of marketers actively investing in content marketing as of 2020. The role of a content writer is growing in demand as businesses seek to build their online presence. However, the role varies depending on both industry and business needs.

What are the tasks of a content writer?

Keyword research

Some companies have separate SEO experts who conduct keyword research; however, content writers can also assist with this task. They can help pinpoint potential terms and phrases you should be using in your content, as well as offer guidance on things like long-tail and semantic keywords.

Content strategy

A content writer can work with content marketing specialists and assist you in developing an end-to-end content strategy. This could involve determining what kind of blogs, eBooks, listicles, and whitepapers you should develop and publish.

Content production

As a content writer, you will be creating content for your clients, including blog posts and web pages. Some content writers offer free edits and updates with their work. You may also be able to request ongoing metrics to gauge the performance of your content after it is published.

Proofreading and editing

However, many content writers perform their own proofreading and editing, which means you may need to schedule additional hours.

Publishing and outreach

Writers will generally be able to upload their content to various platforms. This could mean adding posts to a WordPress site and scheduling them. A professional writer may also help you create a content calendar so you know exactly when to publish and promote each piece of content. In some cases, writers can assist with outreach to other guest blogs and publications.

What type of content services do we provide?

Reach your target audience by communicating your brand goals and ideas through a blog.

The chance to engage your targeted visitors with attention grabbing website content is never a chance that should be missed.

Custom email copies written by professional writers tailored to your business needs.

Convert your visitors to leads with converting and engaging ads copies for your campaigns.

We stop at nothing

When it comes to achieving our clients’ goals, we stop at nothing. Our relentless pursuit of excellence drives us to explore new avenues, strategies, and technologies to stay ahead of the curve. We’re not content with the status quo; we continuously seek innovative solutions to help our clients thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

We Love To Explore​

Exploration is at the heart of our agency. We have an insatiable curiosity for the digital world, and we love to explore its vast and ever-changing landscape. Whether it’s diving into emerging trends, experimenting with cutting-edge tools, or analyzing data to uncover hidden insights, we are always eager to explore new possibilities and opportunities for our clients’ success.

We Take It Step-By-Step

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. However, at Infinutus, we understand the importance of taking things step-by-step. We believe that a well-thought-out strategy, executed with precision, is the key to achieving long-term success. We break down complex challenges into manageable steps, ensuring that every aspect of your digital marketing campaign is meticulously planned and executed.

We Keep It Simple

In a world filled with complexities, we believe in keeping things simple. Our approach to digital marketing is focused on clarity and transparency. We communicate with our clients in plain language, demystifying the intricacies of the digital landscape. We believe that simplicity is the key to building strong, lasting relationships with our clients.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

At Infinutus, we are firm believers in the power of hard work and dedication. We understand that success in the digital realm is not a mere stroke of luck but rather the result of relentless effort and commitment. Our team of passionate professionals works tirelessly to ensure that our clients receive the best possible results. We don’t shy away from challenges; instead, we embrace them as opportunities to showcase our dedication to your success.

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what our clients have to say

Infinutus proved to be an invaluable asset for my business's digital marketing strategy, particularly in Google Ads. Their expertise and innovative approach provided a stream of fresh ideas that significantly contributed to scaling up my sales. Their team demonstrated a deep understanding of the intricacies of online advertising, crafting campaigns that effectively targeted and engaged my desired audience. With Infinutus' guidance, I not only saw a noticeable increase in traffic but also witnessed a tangible boost in conversions. Their commitment to excellence and results-driven approach make them a top choice for any business looking to elevate their online presence and drive tangible results.
I wanted to create a customized invitation for my child's birthday party. After going through various sites I came across Infinitus ltd who specialise in custom brandings. At first I thought they wouldn't take up such a small project but when I reached out reached out they were extremely professional and understanding. Special mention to Sabita for coordinating throughout, right from understanding my requirements to the last minute changes. The invitation came out better then my expectations. I would definitely recommend them.
Working with Infinutus on designing my invitation was an absolute delight. I was blown away by their incredible creativity and meticulous attention to detail. Throughout the entire process, they were not only professional and efficient but also went above and beyond to cater to my specific requirements. The invitation they crafted perfectly captured the essence of my event, and it was evident that their design skills were truly exceptional. I wholeheartedly recommend Infinutus to anyone seeking outstanding invitation design services.
Recently got a bday video invite customised from Infinutus ltd….. and it was magnificent. Special thanks to shabita as she cum up with an amazing , creative,beautiful ideas and design that far surpasses my imagination . Thanks u and ur team for great work ! Will surly recommend your service to everyone ❤️.
Infinutus SEO Consultation - Highly Recommend! Just starting my business and needed some guidance on SEO. Shabita and the Infinutus team provided a fantastic SEO consultation. They were thorough, explained everything in an easy-to-understand way, and gave me actionable steps to improve my website's visibility. Feeling much more confident about my online presence now - thanks Infinutus!

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