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Our Privacy Policy

Wondering how Infinutus protects the privacy of your data? You may read about how we use your personal data, who sees it, how we keep it secure, and how long we keep it in our privacy policy, among other things.

What we do with the collected information?

Infinutus acknowledges that individuals who utilise the Internet may be concerned about privacy issues. Infinutus is dedicated to giving people a secure and safe space to save their information. We will make a good faith attempt to keep your information confidential and use it solely for the purposes listed below.

We gather data from visitors to our website. This data enables us to ascertain the areas of the website that users value the most and enables us to develop our offerings. Unless the User voluntarily discloses this information as part of registration, user identities remain anonymous. Your IP address is used by us to operate our website and to assist us identify issues with our servers.

Users are not needed to register in order to use, but registration is required in order to use any of the tailored services. Name, email address, and other relevant contact information are required on our website’s registration form. To better understand our visitors, we use the contact information from our customers. When appropriate, users can also be contacted via the contact information.

We gather distinctive identifiers (such passwords and IDs) to confirm the visitor’s identity and to use as account numbers in our record system.

External Links

Links to other websites may be found on the Infinutus website. Users are only given access to these links as a convenience and not because Infinutus approves of the information found there. Infinutus disclaims all liability and obligation for the accuracy or content of materials on any third-party websites that are linked to from its own. You use any links to external websites at your own risk.

Infinutus does not represent or guarantee the veracity, correctness, or dependability of user-posted communications or give its approval to any user-expressed views. The user is aware that any reliance on information supplied by other users is at their own risk.

At, we make use of a “cookie,” a component of your web browser. Your Web browser stores a little file called a cookie on your computer’s hard disc in order to recognize you as a user. Cookies are not used by to gather any personal data about visitors, nor are they sold or made accessible to third parties.

What is the purpose of data processing?

Obviously, we never process your personal information without justification, however on our website, one of the following scenarios might need their use:

    • Establishing and carrying out your agreement with us, so that we know which services you are entitled to;
    • Making contact to assist you with a problem you encounter; 
    • Handling your complaint, for a successful business relationship; 
    • Securing our services and combating fraud, so that no one else can impersonate you;
    • Managing applications for open positions so we can determine whether you are the perfect fit.

After obtaining your consent, we also use your personal data for:

Obtaining understanding of how users interact with our website so that we may identify, for example, which pages require better organization;
Enhancing and assessing our website and services, for example, to learn what additional features you would want to see in our offerings;
By customizing our content to your interests, we can prevent you from seeing advertising on Facebook or Google that don’t offer anything more.

Your Security is our Priority

We implement stringent security controls to guard against misuse and unauthorised access to your personal information. We make sure, for instance, that your data is protected, that only the right people have access to it, and that our security precautions are routinely audited. Additionally, we employ SSL certificates to ensure the safety of your data transfer and contact with us.

Privacy Rights

You have a number of helpful privacy rights available to you as a user of our website and services. For instance, you can ask us to transfer, modify, or delete your personal information. Additionally, you have the option to request a temporary halt to any further processing of your personal data or even to object to it. Please get in touch with us using the information on our website if you have any questions regarding these rights or would like to use them.

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