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What is SEA?

Search engine advertising is a form of online advertising that allows you to display your paid ads in search results on various search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

For businesses that want to speed up their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, purchasing search engine marketing (SEM) ads that appear on the first page of a search can be more effective than focusing on improving SEO techniques.

Internet search engine advertising (SEA) differs from traditional advertisements in that companies do not purchase ads outright. Instead they pay per click. The ad is displayed, and a fee is paid every time a user clicks on the ad. The fee is paid regardless of whether the user makes a purchase or signs up for an email newsletter after clicking on the link.

How does search engine advertising work?

Search engine advertising uses an auction-based system, in which advertisers bid on keywords relevant to their product or service. Bids and clicks are not the same; you might pay $100 for a keyword phrase but get billed only if someone clicks on your ad.

Keyword selection determines which searches display your ads. If you do not do in-depth keyword research, you will miss your target audience. Choosing the right keywords (ones with high volume and low competition) can also make your ad rank higher and cost less.

Search engine advertising statistics

According to some recent statistics, if you’re planning to adopt a search advertising strategy or you already have one that needs improving, these are some interesting things to consider:

  • In 2016, digital search advertising spending in the United States was $29.24 billion. In just the first half of 2017, it reached $19.1 billion, more than double what it was at this time last year. By 2019, it’s projected to reach $40.6 billion.

  • As of today, search advertising spend accounts for almost half of total digital ad spend.

  • As of January 2018, Google continued to generate the majority of U.S. search queries, with a 63.4% market share; Microsoft Sites (including Bing) had a 23.7% share; and Oath (formerly known as Yahoo) had an 11.9% share of search queries.

  • The average cost per action (CPA) in Google Ads search campaign is $59.18.

  • The keyword phrase “best mesothelioma lawyer” is the most expensive keyword phrase on Google Ads, with a cost-per-click of $935.71.

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