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LinkedIn New Features of 2023: All You Need To Know

LinkedIn New Features of 2023

LinkedIn has fortified its newsletter offerings with a revamped interface, the capability to manage multiple newsletters per account, and an automated mechanism that leads subscribers to follow content creators.

In a bid to enrich the newsletter experience, LinkedIn has introduced several novel features. Among these, users can now oversee up to five distinct newsletters within a single account. Additionally, upon subscribing to a newsletter, users will be seamlessly prompted to track the LinkedIn profile of the newsletter’s creator.

This series of enhancements comes in response to the remarkable surge in the popularity of newsletters on LinkedIn over the preceding year. According to the platform’s announcement, the readership of newsletters has tripled during this timeframe, with a current daily readership exceeding 1.3 million.

LinkedIn’s endeavor to facilitate the creation and dissemination of newsletters is evident through its newly unveiled upgrades. A significant transformation lies in the form of an overhauled publishing interface, designed to streamline the process of composing newsletters. This redesign addresses concerns expressed by writers about the prior system’s cumbersome and inefficient nature.

The revamped editor empowers users to format, structure, and incorporate multimedia elements seamlessly into their newsletters. Additionally, it allows for the inclusion of SEO titles and descriptions for each edition.

Another pivotal development is the provision for hosting multiple newsletters under a single account. This newfound capability enables experts in various domains to cater content to distinct audiences with varying interests. This is a notable departure from the previous constraint that restricted writers to a solitary newsletter, potentially limiting their outreach.

Furthermore, a notable augmentation is the implementation of automated follows for subscribers. Upon subscribing to a newsletter, users will now be automatically linked to the corresponding LinkedIn profile of the creator. This strategic move is poised to bolster creators’ follower counts, leveraging the engagement of dedicated newsletter readers.

Against the broader backdrop, LinkedIn has undertaken measures to heighten the visibility of newsletters, including features like one-click subscriptions and incorporating newsletters into search results. These updates arrive at a juncture where newsletters have experienced a surge in popularity, prompting many writers to depart from conventional publications in favor of self-initiated, subscription-supported newsletters.

Platforms like Substack and Revue have profited significantly from this prevailing trend. It is apparent that LinkedIn seeks to carve a larger share of the newsletter landscape by introducing these innovative features.

New LinkedIn Features Introduced in January 2023

1. Page Following Enhancement

A new feature now allows company pages to follow other company pages. This creates a private feed of posts from the following pages, exclusively accessible to page administrators. This feature enables tracking of content shared by clients or competitors, providing opportunities for engagement.

2. Auto-Add Newsletter to Profile's Featured Section

LinkedIn has implemented an automatic inclusion of newsletter subscription invitations into the Featured section of user profiles. This enhancement simplifies the process of discovering, subscribing to, and sharing newsletters for profile visitors.

3. Audio Events for Company Pages

In the near future, company pages will have the capability to host audio events. Companies with access will find this option in the event format menu.

4. Curated Trending Content from LinkedIn News

As LinkedIn aims to establish itself as a trusted news source for its members, a new 🔍 icon has been introduced at the app’s bottom. This icon leads users to a section where they can explore the latest editions of subscribed newsletters, popular videos, and top 10 highlights.

5. Post Scheduling for Company Pages and Personal Accounts

Building on a feature introduced last year for profiles, LinkedIn now extends post scheduling functionality to company pages and personal profiles.

6. Public Visibility of Newsletter Subscriptions

From February 11, LinkedIn allows profile visitors to view the newsletters to which a user is subscribed. This feature, however, has raised concerns as some users might prefer to keep their reading preferences private.

7. Simplified Removal of Posts from Feed

A quick method to remove unwanted posts from the feed has been introduced. Users can now click an ‘X’ icon in the top right corner of a post (next to the …) to delete it. This feature enhances feed customization, though its impact on similar posts or authors remains uncertain.

8. Article Comment Settings

Users can now control who can comment on their articles, with options to allow everyone, only connections, or no one. This setting is accessible through a Settings wheel icon in the Reactions area below the article.

9. Interests Added to Mobile Activity Section

The Activity section on the mobile app now includes Interests, displaying Top Voices within this category.

10. Celebrations Incorporated into My Network

The “Celebrations” feature, highlighting birthdays, new jobs, and work anniversaries, has been integrated into the My Network page, providing a convenient way to engage with these events.

11. New Join a Group Prompt During Post Publishing

After publishing a post, users might receive prompts to join specific groups. These prompts appear at the top of the comments thread, suggesting that joining and posting in certain groups can enhance engagement.

12. Event Share Button

Events receive a boost with expanded sharing options. The ‘Share’ button on audio events or LinkedIn Live allows users to invite, post on their feed, send in a message, copy the link, or share on social media.

13. Direct Connect Button

Users can now directly connect with individuals whose posts appear in their feed due to comments or reactions from existing connections. A blue Connect button facilitates this process, although personalization options are limited.


14. Toggle for Focused Inbox

The option to toggle the Focused inbox on and off is now available. This feature can be accessed in the Settings / Data Privacy section.

15. Top Voices Highlighted in Interests

LinkedIn has included Top Voices within the Interests section of profiles, offering insight into influential connections.

16. Enhanced Search with 'People Who Talk About'

Search functionality has been expanded to allow searches for posts containing specific hashtags related to Creator Mode settings.

17. Invitation to Host Audio Events

Users attending audio events receive a prompt encouraging them to explore hosting their own events, though broad adoption might await the availability of replays.

18. Dedicated Tab for Employee Posts

An internal feature providing a separate tab for employee posts is observed, possibly meant for company employees only.


19. Groups Improvement: External Link Review

LinkedIn is reintroducing controls to combat spam in groups by allowing admins to review posts with third-party links before they are published, mitigating the abuse observed in groups.

LinkedIn Trends to Consider

Despite the start of 2023, notable trends have already emerged on LinkedIn that can be valuable for achieving professional goals. Key observations include:

1. Increased Prompts: LinkedIn suggests diverse actions such as group additions, recommended pages, and off-platform sharing, promoting engagement.

2. Ultra-Short Posts: Influential figures publish very brief posts, sometimes just a few sentences, challenging conventional copywriting norms.

3. Formatted Posts: Creative post formatting, such as vertical blocks of text or curved shapes, captures attention.

4. Footnotes in Posts: With pinned comments gone, post-ending lines gain significance for self-promotion, calls to action, and hashtag inclusion.

5. AI’s Ascendance: AI’s influence on posts, comments, and profiles prompts discussions on authenticity, trustworthiness, and writing quality.

As AI integration grows, maintaining writing quality becomes crucial, reflecting a higher standard of communication. By embracing these trends, LinkedIn users can navigate the evolving platform effectively to achieve their professional objectives.

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